When I was a young child, we would go around the table on Thanksgiving Day taking turns saying what we were thankful for. When I reflect on that time, I can clearly see the smiles on family members’ faces as they spoke about the things, they were thankful for. Though the lists were often very diverse, there was one commonality never changed throughout the year. We were all thankful for life and health. In our household, we had added a bit of a twist to that tradition. We make a Thankful Jar for Thanksgiving week. Each day of the week we each write on a small notecard something that we are thankful for, and we place it in the jar. After the family Thanksgiving meal, we pass the jar around and each person reads a notecard. Just as I witnessed for many years as a child growing up, everyone at the table is smiling brightly during this time. I also note the commonality of giving thanks for life and health.

At Cardinal Care and Concierge, our mission is to help others live a life that they are not only thankful for but also live a healthy lifestyle that helps them to be their best selves daily. Our pre and post-op surgery care plans are tailored to you to help ensure the best outcomes and success. Our healthy living cooking classes, held by a professional chef, are designed to equip you with valuable tools to assist you with preparing and choosing meals that are nutritious and delicious. Our healthy living classes are designed to meet you where you are and help advance your physical fitness safely.

Cardinal Care and Concierge nurses are also available to assist with medical transportation, respite care, as well as medication set-up, and teaching.

When you partner with Cardinal Care and Concierge, you will gladly add us to your THANKFUL JAR, and just like my family members when reading their note cards as we gathered around the table, your smile will be bright knowing that you have made the commitment and investment in your most important asset, your health. After all, YOU’RE WORTH IT!


















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